Alternative Versions – How to improve accessibility for users with motor or physical limitations?


  1. Checklist – High contrast Alternative
  2. Checklist – Text Alternative

High Contrast Version

High Contrast Version of checklist - How to improve accessibility for users with motor limitations.

Text Version

Text version of the above Illustration, a quick checklist of – ‘how to improve accessibility for users with motor or physical limitations?

1. Keyboard Support
– Ensure all functionality that is available via mouse and touch is also available via keyboard.
– Ensure there are no keyboard traps.
– Ensure reading order is meaningful.
2. Visible Focus
– Focus indicators should be clear, bold and visible.
3. Bypass blocks
– Provide ‘Skip to’ links to bypass repetitive, large blocks of content.
4. Orientation
– Ensure the content does not restrict its view or operation to a single orientation, i.e. Portrait or landscape mode.
5. Autocomplete for form inputs
– Allow autocomplete only on user-specific form elements.
– Ensure the defined values matches with the input purpose.
6. Content ‘On Hover’, ‘On Focus’
– Ensure the additional content displayed ‘On hover’, ‘On focus’ is Dismissable, hoverable, and persistent.
7. Pointer Gestures
– Provide a single click or single pointer alternatives such as ‘single finger tap, double-tap or press and hold’, for any complex path-based or multi pointer gestures used.
8. Touch Target Size
– Ensure the touch target size is atleast 44 x 44 CSS pixels.
9. Character Key Shortcuts
– Allow users to turn off or remap any character key shortcuts used.
– Ensure the shortcuts can be activated only when the element is on focus.
10. Motion Actuation
– Provide alternative options to operate any events triggered by gestures or device movement.

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